How much will fit in this unit?

What will fit depends upon several variables:

• How much large furniture you’re storing with your boxes. The more large pieces you have the fewer boxes you can store, of course.

• How uniform your boxes are. If you have many odd sizes, they fit into the unit less efficiently.

• How well the boxes are packed. Obviously, the more you put in each box, the more you store overall.

• How tightly you pack the unit. The units are 8 feet tall, and can be packed to the ceiling for best use of the space. However, if you need to access your goods, you will want to leave aisles for better access to items in back.

How to visualize what will fit

5×10 Walk in Closet

Furniture, mattressset, boxes. 1 bedroom home / apartment.

10×10 Small Bedroom

The contents of a 1 – 3 bedroom house with appliances. Or two Snow machines and many boxes.

10 x 20 One Car Garage

The contents of a 3 – 4 bedroom home with appliances.

Yard Storage

Storage spaces are outdoors. Trailers, both U-Haul and travel trailers fit, along with any other vehicle. Snow removal is the responsibility of the owner. Car insurance should remain in force during storage period.